Julie Stovroff Chosen as 2022 Smart Women in Meetings: Visionary

2022 Smart Women in Meetings: Visionary Award Winner

Julie I. Stovroff, Vice President of Sales, Insurance & Financial Services, Teneo Hospitality Group

Engagement, Inclusivity, Results

Fierce Fuel: I approach everything in my life with fierce determination and passion. My colleagues, customers and hotel partners have become much more than people I have served in the industry; they have become friends and a wonderful part of my life. It’s rare to find a career that enables these types of life-long and loyal connections. The people I have met in my many years in the hospitality industry have made me fiercely passionate about what I do.
We depend on each other to create amazing experiences and to achieve mutual objectives. I credit any success that I have enjoyed to all these wonderful collaborators. And I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have been able to attain so many rewards from being able to blend my career and my life in such a meaningful way.

Attack Mode: Life is filled with challenges, and it is in these times that often the greatest skills, lessons and reserves of tenacity and courage are found. In my many years in the hospitality industry, there have been both good and challenging times. I believe that you must approach the challenging times with the same positive attitude and gratitude that you approach the good times. I stay focused on the goal; I stay focused on the people; and I stay focused on doing the best I can do. When you understand that your clients are going through challenging times too, your goal becomes helping them weather the storm. The bonds that you form in rough times, reap rewards down the road. Challenging times come and go, but they can create great opportunities to demonstrate grit, determination, creativity and loyalty to the people you serve. It’s important to remember that the sun always shines again and that you can choose to be a ray of sunshine in dark days.

Goals Currently Stalking: My goals in the coming years are to keep expanding my network and to develop even more friendships. I want to continue to bring the same amount of passion, commitment and energy that has made my career rewarding, and the journey incredibly enriching.

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