Member Services

Congratulations on becoming a Teneo Member! We’re excited to welcome you on board and introduce you to our wide range of services aimed at increasing your group revenue. Our marketing and member services are strategically designed to maximize your return on investment and increase your group revenue.

Read further to see how you can maximize your investment with Teneo!

Hotel Marketing Services

Drive More Revenue With Teneo’s Member
Marketing & Consulting Services!

Group Up

Our goal is to work closely with you to understand the challenges that you have and to design a custom plan to impact group revenue growth. Our services provide increased exposure and high ROI.

Digital Marketing

Teneo has established a strategic partnership with Tambourine, a global leader in hotel e-commerce and digital marketing. Tambourine delivers an all-inclusive service program that ensures maximum traffic and conversions across all digital channels.

Hotel Consulting Services

Our fresh approach starts with a holistic evaluation of your hotel’s performance data, which will be examined by a small, dedicated, and knowledgeable team that becomes an extension of your hotel’s revenue group.

How Does Teneo Work

Onboarding is the process of welcoming new members into Teneo, addressing their questions and concerns, and ensuring you understand the services and resources available to you. The onboarding process is continuous and evolves to address your individual needs.

Teneo’s overarching strategy is to onboard new members with a process that is reciprocal. This means that in addition to integrating our Teneo sales, marketing, and accounting teams with your organization’s team and services; we will also integrate you into our Teneo organization and familiarize you with our team and services.

Our membership begins with an onboarding process that consists of providing us with all relevant information on your property, so that we can create your hotel in our systems, website, marketing collateral, and begin to educate our team. We will initiate an onboarding webinar in which you can educate our team on your property. We also communicate with our clients about your property through our website, via email, phone calls and personal visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Teneo a Third Party?

    No, we are not. A third party can sell or engage with any hotel, anywhere. We are a membership organization, and only sell and recommend our members. We work with third party clients but are not a third party.

  • How is Teneo Compensated?

    We are compensated by a monthly retainer fee and incentivized to help your hotel meet your revenue and production goals. Teneo’s compensation model is a business agreement between your hotel ownership and Teneo, and will not affect the preferred group rate provided to our clients.

  • Why Does Your Hotel Have A GSO/NSO and Teneo?

    If you are associated with a brand, your organization may have chosen to enhance your global sales network with Teneo. Or, your individual hotel ownership has chosen to hire Teneo to enhance the business opportunities you are seeing and the percentage of that business that you are closing. We are here to work WITH and FOR you. We embrace and support your Global or National Sales Office!

    The NSO/GSO model is changing. It is becoming focused on key accounts or total account management. We can focus on nurturing the once-a-year, emerging customers by chasing down lost business and ensuring that you are represented. By having a portfolio across markets, brands and independents, we receive more leads that may not come to your NSO/GSO initially and may work with a client more times in a year. We can bring that knowledge to you, to help you know the customer more intimately, and to encourage additional bookings.

  • Who Are Teneo’s Clients?

    Our clients are meeting professionals – corporate, association, and third party. They like and trust the Teneo sales professionals, so they come back to us time and again for the assurance of quality, personal accountability, and the “on-site excellence” that Teneo consistently provides.

  • What About Your CVB?

    You pay to be a member of your CVB, as most of the hotels in your market do. Your CVB can only be impartial, presenting you as equal to every other hotel. With Teneo, our members are primary and your hotel hired us to promote you.

Meet The Membership Team

We encourage you to set up quarterly calls with Teneo leadership to review productivity, progress and brainstorm ideas to enhance production!

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