Teneo’s hotel profiles just got an upgrade. Teneo’s latest strategic alliance with Visiting Media enables the power of TrueTour™, the world’s only immersive sales enablement platform, as a new integration option for our hotel members. More than 110 Teneo hotel members now offer a more dynamic user experience to our clients.

This strategic partnership with TrueTour™ is set to elevate the visibility and appeal of your property among meeting planners. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Hotel Benefits with TrueTour™

Bringing Destinations to Life

TrueTour™ brings destinations to life with stunning and informative immersive experiences, making your hotel more appealing to potential clients.

Enriching the Client Experience

Meeting planners now have access to a library of high-quality destination visuals, all powered by best-in-class technology. This enriches the client experience, making your property stand out in their selection process.

Dynamic Presentations

Dynamic Presentations: Teneo’s sales professionals and clients can create dynamic, interactive presentations that showcase your hotel in the best possible light. These presentations include additional site photos, videos, 3D modeling, CGI, and 360° experiences.

Improved Event Planning Efficiency

With virtual space measurements provided by TrueTour™, planners can create more accurate and detailed event layouts. This streamlines the planning process and increases production efficiency.

Trusted Expertise

Rely on the unwavering trust Teneo advisors have earned from their clients. With TrueTour™, this confidence is further fortified, empowering our advisors to understand and recommend your property with precision, no matter where it is in the world.

“By integrating TrueTour™ into the hotel’s profile, Teneo can supercharge their sales endeavors, extending their outreach and effectively engaging customers at an earlier stage of the sales process.”

Teneo's Partnership with Visiting Media

Learn more about Teneo’s strategic alliance with Visiting Media.

Watch Visiting Media’s CEO, Ben Powers, and Teneo’s President, Mike Schugt demonstrate this new digital tool.

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