Teneo x TrueTour™

At Teneo, we’re dedicated to enhancing your event planning experience, making it easier, more efficient, and more engaging than ever before. Teneo now offers a game-changing addition to our client toolbox – TrueTour™, the world’s leading virtual sales enablement platform.

With TrueTour, we’re reinforcing Teneo’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. TrueTour is now available with over 115 hotels in the Teneo portfolio. Experience the difference for yourself.

Your Benefits with TrueTour™

Bringing Destinations to Life

Create dynamic, interactive, and unforgettable client site selection presentations. Incorporate multimedia elements, from additional photos to 3D modeling, CGI, and 360° tours, all in one curated Experience™ that can be updated in real-time, simplifying collaboration and approval.

On-Demand Virtual Site Inspections

Expedite your selection process with instant virtual site inspections, saving you valuable time and streamlining decision-making.

High-Quality Destination Visuals

Access a comprehensive library of top-notch destination visuals, all conveniently centralized. TrueTour’s cutting-edge technology ensures you have access to stunning and informative visuals at your fingertips.

Precision in Event Planning

Bid farewell to guesswork. TrueTour™ provides virtual space measurements, enabling precise and detailed event layouts, ultimately boosting production efficiency.

Expert Guidance

Feel reassured with the support of your dedicated Teneo trusted advisor at every step, ensuring your success. Gain confidence through our in-depth understanding of offerings from a diverse range of hotels, spanning big brands to independent gems.

“We firmly believe in the potential of technology and collaboration. Our alliance with Visiting Media’s TrueTour™ marks a pivotal step in redefining how we enable hospitality sales, enhancing our capacity to deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

Meritage Resort in Napa California, resort for meetings and events

Learn more about Teneo’s strategic alliance with Visiting Media.

Watch Visiting Media’s CEO, Ben Powers, and Teneo’s President, Mike Schugt demonstrate this new digital tool.

Corazon Cabo, Mexico resort for meetings and events

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