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Member Marketing Services

Our goal is to work closely with you to understand the challenges that you have and to design a custom plan to impact the time periods that you need the most help with. Our team at Teneo is made up of former Directors of Sales & Marketing, so we will quickly understand your challenge and present back the ideal solution. By integrating database marketing to a proven audience, executing unique paid search and retargeting group campaigns, and then merchandising it on the Teneo website, we can provide the necessary power and focus to impact your results.

Spotlight Features

Featured Member On Teneo Homepage

Feature your property on the Teneo homepage, which will be seen by everyone who visits our website. Users who want to learn more about you can click on your featured spot and be directed to a custom-made webpage featuring enhanced information about your property. This includes a full-width feature video in place of, or in addition to, the rotating header images slideshow found on your regular member page, a hotel offer of your choice front and center, and a custom-made contact form that users can complete and submit right from your page. In addition, this featured page will display your capacity charts, photo gallery, lodging info and much more.

Homepage Feature Samples

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Member Directory Spotlight

Our member directory is produced every quarter (in both electronic and print form) and gets distributed to our clients during sales missions, through the mail, during office presentations, and at every Teneo event throughout the year. This spotlight will be seen by thousands of meeting planners.

Member Directory Feature

Email Marketing

Client Newsletter Spotlight

Teneo creates a monthly newsletter which is sent from each of our sales representatives to their respective client database, roughly 10,000 clients. Our newsletter provides clients with information on our newest members, press releases, and industry news. A spotlight featuring your hotel gives your property an exclusive spot for one month. You can include one photo and 150 words to highlight your property. This service is only available to two members per month.

This spot includes a “Learn More” button that would bring the readers back to your member page on our website and the opportunity to include a group promotion.

Enhanced Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

A powerful combination of various Pay-Per-Click Advertising elements, based on tailor-made strategies, and intelligent design, aimed at generating direct and indirect leads. Teneo’s Enhanced PPC efforts are based on custom plans created to fit the specific needs of the hotel, the location it serves, and its target audience. Enhanced PPC techniques are ideal to increase leads and improve your hotel or resort’s group performance. Through carefully crafted campaigns, we will reengage users who have previously shown interest in your property. In addition, the campaigns will showcase your brand to new prospects and increase awareness.

Our Enhanced PPC Campaigns include Paid Search Advertising*, Social Media Advertising*, Display Advertising*, Homepage Feature for the duration.

*Subject to change and as allowed by the agreed-upon advertising budget

Display Advertising

Price to be Determined by Market Research. Please Request a Proposal for Budget Recommendations and Pricing Information.

Re-engage potentially lost leads through Google Display Remarketing by reaching users who have shown interest in your hotel but have not completed an RFP form and showcase your brand to let potentially new customers know the benefits of hosting their event at your hotel through display advertising on event publications and websites throughout the web.

Paid Search

Final Price To Be Calculated Based On Search Volume, Location, And Other Market Research.

Increase leads and improve your hotel’s group performance through carefully crafted campaigns aimed at increasing qualified group leads to your hotel. The primary goal for these campaigns is to generate leads by reaching highly qualified users at the converting phase of the shopping process who are actively seeking to bring group business to your hotel. Consists of branded campaigns in Google and/or Bing aimed to increase RFP completions for group business.

Facebook Advertising

Show ads on Facebook to users who have visited your member page and left without converting. This service will re-engage users with amazing ads of your hotel. The primary goal of Facebook Retargeting is to generate leads by re-engaging with past visitors and reinforcing your brand as users browse Facebook.

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