• COVID-19: What to Say on Your Event Website

    As organizations plan for events in an uncertain future during the COVID-19 outbreak, they struggle with how to keep their registrants informed of updates on their event websites. How can they strike the right balance between communicating positive messages about the upcoming event, convey that they are keeping a watchful eye on a growing epidemic, express genuine concern about the health and wellbeing of their participants, and attempt to answer their many questions?


  • COVID-19: An Opportunity for Event Organizers to Assume a More Strategic Role

    Takeaways from Bill Reed, chief event strategy officer at the American Society of Hematology

    • The coronavirus crisis is a chance for all meeting professionals to flex their strategic thinking muscles.
    • The longer you can delay a decision to cancel a meeting, the better off you are.
    • Making the right decision relies on thinking about your individual circumstances and your stakeholders, not simply following in the footsteps of other organizations.

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