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Teneo’s hotel consulting service offerings range from targeted engagement, operations and asset management support, recruiting services, pre-purchase analysis, post purchase execution and stabilization of the asset, interim sales and task force leadership, digital marketing solutions design and execution, and much more!

Our consulting services are performed through Leading North, a business unit of Teneo, which specializes in working with Private Equity firms, REITS and asset management groups to develop and execute winning revenue strategies to build topline revenues. In support of this mission, Leading North has created a highly talented team of digital marketing experts that work directly with hotels.

Our fresh approach starts with a holistic evaluation of your hotel’s performance data, which will be examined by a small, dedicated, and knowledgeable team that becomes an extension of your hotel’s revenue group.

We take a boutique approach to our clients with a high level of personalization and commitment. Our first steps start with evaluating a hotel’s performance in their market, market mix and channel mix, understanding where gaps to performance exist. From there, we develop a customized plan that incorporates the synergies of each digital marketing area and joins it with social media giving the hotel a highly optimized plan.

Utilizing the property engagement workbook-analysis of sales, marketing, revenue management, eCommerce, positioning, branding and PR, identifying the gaps to optimum performance.

Provide various business modeling by understanding competitive set data and potential of a hotel given positioning and provides market segmentation and profit outcomes as a result.

Hotel assets that are bank owned or distressed seek support to turn assets around while it is being sold or held by the bank. Leading North works closely with special servicers to maintain performance of asset.

High net worth individuals, typically lacking hotel expertise and seeking an A-Z approach and support to ensuring the asset is profitable. This can also take on operations and asset management support.

Consisting of initial analysis and developing the strategic and tactical plans forming a “Playbook” and then assisting the hotel in the execution of the plan.

Typically done by a member of the team for a specific reason such as eCommerce, sales training or web site review.

Leading North takes on the role of being part of the asset management or owner’s executive leadership team by providing strategic planning and leading the designated revenue disciplines.

Leading North has a team of sales leaders that can engage properties for task force work, interim sales leadership, and task force leadership.

Involvement in pre-purchase analysis to post purchase execution and stabilization of the asset.

Leading North has expertise and resources to provide sales recruiting.

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